Low-Energy Surveys

Low energy lighting is a big part of what we do when it comes to lighting. If you have existing light fittings there are many options available to you which can save you money. Low energy lamps consume 90% less electricity than standard lamps and can last up to 50,000 hours. This will save you replacing your lamps so often. The choice and range can be daunting so we look to make life as easy as we can for you, from recommending which low energy lamp to buy to working out your pay back time. Buisines find this information invaluable as they can clearly see when the investment they have made has paid for itself, often the time frame is far less than people think and a 40 hour a week buisness would see the value of the lamps covered in their savings in well under one year.

If you would like to speak to me about low energy lighting or would like us to perform an eco-survey please contact me.

When specifying new lighting for a job or application we would then always look to introduce the best low energy lamp for the fitting and the space. Usually these are LED’s now and we can work out which colour temperature is best and if dimming is a good option. The luxury of choice is a great help when designing lighting, choosing the kelvin output of a light and specifying the right one to compliment the rooms and mood is paramount in any good design. A living space wants for a cosy warm white source, ideally dimmable and a mixture of low level ambient lighting. A modern kitchen with gloss white doors, a granite worktop and vibrant splash back wants for a slightly higher kelvin light. Something 4000k or above with a better CRI rating will show off the work surface and colours much better than a warm white lamp which will taint the subject and make whites look cream. My video bellow does a much better job of explaining this and you can see the LED lamps for yourself. It is this knowledge of the product and attention to detail which sets us aside from our competitors.