As well as being a lighting designer I also run an electrical wholesalers and lighting showroom in Bristol called Ablectrics. This was started by my father in 1974 and is what got me started in the world of lighting.

In 2010 I bought and started the lengthy development of our website www.electricsandlighting.co.uk

We now supply lighting and electrical suppliers to contractors and clients all over the UK. With an impressive 15,000 products online we have a great choice.  Because of our many contacts and experience in the industry  we deliver quality products that far exceed people expectations. The website is constantly being developed and improved, if you want to have a look at lighting now please feel free to browse the website and see for yourself what’s available.

The showroom in Bristol is also worth a visit if you are nearby, this is where you can see and touch the products before you buy. We have bespoke displays of LED lamps and the latest designs and fittings. We again constantly improve and develop the showroom to make sure we display the latest technologies and lighting. I have weekly meetings with my team and with reps to keep on top of the newest developments and what we should be stocking. The showroom is as much of a hub for the tradesman in Bristol, and often they will simply come in to see what’s new and what they should be looking to fit.

I welcome you to visit my website or come and see me and the team at the shop at anytime.


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