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Working with Fraser and his Team at Ablectrics

The owners of the Forrest Lodge house wrote a testimonial about working with us:

Nowadays, more and more people use online shopping. We read the reviews and then we buy. We did too for a lot of the goods we needed for our house, but for our electrical items, we wanted to choose a local shop with a showroom, for the simple reason that we wanted to see the products before we bought them. After looking around for a while, we found this shop “Ablectrics” on Gloucester Road in Bristol.If you are not familiar with the very latest in lighting design and technology, then choosing your lighting can be tricky, especially if you need to order in large quantity like we did. There are thousands of products on the market: LED, Fluorescent, different watts, warm, neutral, cold lighting, design, material, purpose, size, colour, waterproof qualities – the list is endless and it can take quite a long time to decide.Fraser, one of the managers at Ablectrics helped us to cut through all that.By asking the right questions, he honed in very quickly to what we were looking for, some of which we didn’t even know existed! He spent the first hour in their showroom, telling us all about LEDs, how much energy we could save and what the latest technology had to offer. He spoke with a passion and an authority that was reassuring, rather than off-putting, and he gave us a lot of helpful advice about how to make the most of our limited budget. Ablectrics were also very good about taking back products that ended up not being incorporated into our final design.

This face-to-face service was not only enjoyable, it also saved us a great deal of time and effort and we very much appreciate the interaction with Fraser and his team.


After helping you design your lighting and quoting you for the fittings and lamps I can then get one of our trusted electricians to price for the installation of the lighting. The electricians are independent of the company and we only recommend a small selection of electricians who work to the highest standards, deadlines and have the same attention to detail we have. The installation is not something I need to organize and I would be happy to work out a design for you and supply you the materials. If you buy your lighting through Ablectrics then the lighting design is free, if not a design only package is priced on an hourly basis. This will included travelling times and the hourly rate for my services is £30. To be honest every job I have worked on the client has been more then happy and always buys the lighting and products recommended in my design.